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North Dakota State University secures $2 million for agriculture policy research center as part of recent bill

Fargo, North Dakota – North Dakota State University (NDSU) is set to enhance its agricultural research capabilities with the establishment of a new agriculture policy research center. This initiative comes following the inclusion of two million dollars for the center in the 2024 Agriculture Appropriations Bill, which recently passed the Senate with a commendable vote of 72 to 22 after previously being approved in the House.

A Leap Forward for Agricultural Research

The newly funded center aims to tackle the pressing challenges faced by farms and agribusinesses by providing thorough policy and economic analysis. This development is part of a larger investment in agricultural research within North Dakota, as the bill also earmarks over $50 million for ag research funding throughout the state. The research activities will be conducted at NDSU as well as at various other locations across North Dakota, ensuring widespread benefits and advancements in agricultural practices and policies.

North Dakota U.S. Senator John Hoeven, who played a pivotal role in the bill’s passage as the lead Republican of the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee, highlighted the significance of this investment. “Really puts North Dakota State University at the forefront for agriculture in America and is vitally important for farmers and ranchers in North Dakota as well as across the country,” said Hoeven, underscoring the national importance of this initiative.

Furthermore, the legislation includes an additional $3 million allocated for renovations at the ARS Edward T. Schafer Agricultural Research Center in Fargo, further solidifying North Dakota’s position as a key player in the field of agricultural research and policy analysis. This comprehensive support for agricultural research and infrastructure represents a crucial step forward in addressing the evolving needs of the agricultural sector, both locally and nationally.

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