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Horace City Council’s decision: Tax break returns for new home construction

Horace, North Dakota – The City Council of Horace has chosen to reinstate a contentious property tax abatement for new home construction, overturning a previous suspension of the tax break enacted earlier this year.

The Council’s decision, taken during the meeting on Monday night, serves as a win for builders and realtors of Fargo-Moorhead. These stakeholders had attended the council meetings in large numbers on two occasions to advocate for the continuation of the tax break.

This decision implies that any newly constructed homes in Horace will remain eligible for the tax abatement until June of the subsequent year. At that point, the council plans to evaluate the benefits of this policy for the city and determine whether to extend or discontinue it.

The initial suspension of the tax abatement prompted a realtor-led group to initiate a recall election targeting council member Stephanie Landstrom.

Arlin Fisher, a realtor, is set to challenge Landstrom in the upcoming recall election, which is scheduled for August 15th.

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