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Xcel Energy unveils smart meters in Fargo for enhanced energy efficiency

Fargo, North Dakota – Xcel Energy is stepping up its game in Fargo with the launch of its innovative smart meters. This new technology aims to transform the way people manage their energy costs. The heart of this system lies in providing real-time data on electricity efficiency and usage to customers.

This week marked the beginning of the installation phase for this ambitious multiyear project. Notably, these smart meters require only about 15 minutes to install, and customers won’t bear any installation costs. This convenience extends to both homes and businesses in the area.

The integration of these smart meters with the Xcel My Account app is a game changer. Customers can now monitor their energy consumption as it happens. This feature enables them to identify which appliances or activities are consuming the most energy, leading to more efficient use. Shawn Paschke, the Key Account Manager for Xcel Energy, highlighted the significance of this development, stating, “Help Customers actually understand how they’re utilizing energy coming into their homes.”

Paschke also emphasized the potential for savings, especially with upgrades to more energy-efficient appliances. He mentioned, “If somebody gets a more energy efficient furnace or something like that, electric furnace, they can definitely see that usage savings.”

Looking ahead, Xcel Energy has set ambitious goals. The company plans to install these new smart meters for approximately 100,000 customers in North Dakota over the next two years, covering 2024 and 2025. This initiative represents a significant leap towards smarter energy management and cost savings for customers, aligning with the growing trend towards energy efficiency and technological integration in everyday life.

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