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West Fargo daycare provider pleads not guilty to nine counts of child neglect and abuse

Fargo, North Dakota – An in-home daycare provider from West Fargo has pled not guilty to nine counts of child neglect and abuse in Cass County District Court. Miranda Sorlie, 42, denied all charges during her court appearance on Friday.

Sorlie has been accused of neglecting and abusing children in her care from January 2020 through May of last year. The accusations against her have arisen from multiple incidents involving the children she was tasked with looking after.

According to the court documents, a one-year-old boy who was under Sorlie’s care was taken to a hospital in Fargo. Medical examination revealed bruises on the child’s ear, head, arms, and feet. Sorlie responded to these allegations by suggesting that the injuries could have been self-inflicted.

Another complaint was raised by a family who noticed that their daughter’s diaper had not been changed. Furthermore, they found bruising on the child’s neck and cheek.

Sorlie is expected to make her next court appearance in late August. Further updates on this case will be provided as they become available.

Jimmy Hathaway

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