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Three injured in careless driving incident near Fargo Exit Ramp

Fargo, North Dakota – An unfortunate incident unfolded in Fargo early Wednesday morning, involving a 19-year-old woman and resulting in a collision near an interstate exit ramp. The North Dakota Highway Patrol reported responding to a crash that occurred at the intersection of Sheyenne Street and the I-94 Exit Ramp.

In the aftermath of the crash, three people sustained injuries. The driver, identified as 19-year-old Makayla Tollerud, was cited for Careless Driving by the authorities. This citation indicates that the crash was attributed to a lack of caution or attention while driving on her part.

The vehicle involved in the incident required towing from the scene, indicating significant damage. Clearing the site of the crash was a considerable effort, taking about an hour to complete. This disruption not only impacted the individuals involved but also likely caused temporary traffic delays in the area.

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