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The role of Fargo Public Schools in supporting homeless students

Fargo, North Dakota – The Fargo Public School District reports a significant issue, with 265 of its students classified as homeless. As mandated by law, Fargo Public Schools is obligated to provide services and activities aimed at enabling these students to enroll, attend, and achieve success within their educational journey.

Every school district, according to federal legislation, is required to appoint a liaison dedicated to assisting students without permanent residences. Jan Anderson, the Fargo School District’s current Title I Coordinator, has been designated as the district’s homeless liaison. This yearly appointment is due for confirmation in the upcoming Tuesday school board meeting.

Homelessness is characterized by the lack of a fixed, regular, and suitable place of residence at night. For children, this condition can mean sharing housing with others, residing in motels, decrepit trailers, campgrounds, transitional housing, vehicles, parks, abandoned buildings, and more.

The district can extend its support to these students in several ways. This includes the provision of complimentary meals, transport services, special arrangements for children to stay in their original schools, tutoring services, pre-school programs, as well as after school and summer programs.

For those seeking assistance within the FM area, click here.

For queries about the Fargo Public School’s homeless liaison program, click here.

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