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State Patrol investigates consecutive crashes on I-29, issues safety reminder

Fargo, North Dakota – The North Dakota State Patrol found itself responding to a pair of vehicular accidents on Interstate 29 near 52nd Avenue South on Monday evening.

The initial incident, occurring approximately at 5:45 p.m., involved a semi-truck, a pickup, and an SUV colliding in the southbound lane. As a result of this collision, one individual necessitated transportation to the hospital for the treatment of minor injuries.

This accident led to substantial congestion on the highway, precipitating a subsequent crash roughly an hour later. The second accident involved a pickup truck towing a camper and a semi-truck carrying a flatbed. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in this instance.

At present, State Patrol Troopers are meticulously investigating both occurrences. They are seizing this opportunity to reiterate a vital safety reminder to the public: to reduce speed and shift lanes when approaching emergency vehicles actively addressing incident scenes. This is a critical step towards ensuring the safety of all involved parties.

Jimmy Hathaway

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