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Social media’s top-rated restaurants in Fargo-Moorhead

Fargo, North Dakota – The advent of springtime signifies a refreshing opportunity to diversify our dining experiences. In this regard, let us delve into trending culinary spaces that have caught the attention of food enthusiasts on the Fargo-Moorhead Eats Facebook group.

The Fargo-Moorhead Eats Facebook group, boasting nearly 18,000 followers, teems with daily recommendations. The page’s activity is substantial, and I can vouch for the late-night cravings it can inspire. Out of the multitude of posts, a handful garner substantial attention, and here we spotlight three community favorites that have sparked enthusiastic reviews.

A hidden gem that has captivated the Fargo-Moorhead Eats followers is the Wednesday Steak Night at Moorhead American Legion Post 21. This weekly indulgence has received an influx of positive responses lately.

Every Wednesday, patrons are treated to a sirloin steak, a baked potato, and a salad for a mere $12—an extraordinary value. The steaks, sourced from local Butcher Block Meats in Dilworth, are grilled to personal perfection by Legion volunteers well-versed in the art of steak preparation. While the Moorhead Legion may not be the typical trendy venue, the steak night is a commendable experience, all while extending support to a veterans organization committed to community service.

In the quest for varied dining options, Moorhead is making strides with establishments such as Harold’s on Main, Junkyard Brewing Company, Rustica Eatery and Tavern, and Sol Ave. Kitchen.

In the heart of Fargo, Little Brother, an Asian fusion restaurant showcasing Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese-inspired dishes, is also garnering stellar reviews. Particularly noteworthy are their chicken wings, frequently lauded as the best in town on the Fargo-Moorhead Eats Facebook page. Not to be overlooked, however, is their Thai basil chicken dish, which is a personal favorite.

Little Brother’s offerings extend beyond exceptional food to affordability and a warm ambiance. It’s an ideal choice for a quick lunch or a pre-evening-out dinner. Their bowls, accompanied by kimchi and steamed rice, are a hearty choice. Add to that the friendly, quick-to-serve owners, and the dining experience becomes even more fulfilling.

In South Fargo, GP’s Greek Kitchen is a top choice among Fargo-Moorhead Eats group members. Known for generous portions and a hospitable owner, this venue offers a delightful culinary experience. Should the establishment be bustling, customers may find themselves recipients of a complimentary salad or soup in appreciation of their patience—a touch of kindness rare in today’s fast-paced food industry.

The menu prices at GP’s may initially seem steep, but the generous portions offer excellent value. For instance, one gyro could comfortably serve as two hearty meals. The fresh ingredients and thoughtful preparation enhance the dishes’ appeal.

If you are a food enthusiast, then visiting these local social media hotspots is a must.

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