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Over $80,000 stolen by Fargo financial manager, court documents reveal

Fargo, North Dakota – A startling case of embezzlement has emerged in Fargo, involving a woman accused of stealing a significant sum from her employer. Kelly Tweiten, who worked as a financial manager for Dietrich Homes, faces serious theft charges after allegedly transferring over $80,000 into her own accounts.

The details of the case, as outlined in court documents, reveal a complex scheme of financial manipulation. Tweiten is accused of directly transferring money into her personal banking account and writing fraudulent checks to herself. This fraudulent activity involved five checks totaling over $15,000. Additionally, she reportedly misused her company credit card for personal purchases, later covering these expenses by paying the charges with the business account.

One of the most brazen acts alleged in the case is Tweiten’s use of her office computer to direct deposit $7,000 into her personal account after business hours. This incident highlights the audacity of the accused in exploiting her position and access to financial resources.

The irregularities in the business account were first noticed late last week by the owner of Dietrich Homes. This discovery has led to a deeper investigation, revealing the extent of the alleged embezzlement. According to court records, the owner estimates the total amount stolen to be between $80,000 and $100,000, indicating a significant financial impact on the business.

As the legal process unfolds, Kelly Tweiten is scheduled for her next court appearance on February 22.

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