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One person rescued after emergency crews responded to apartment fire in South Fargo

Fargo, North Dakota – A dramatic rescue unfolded on Sunday evening at the Chestnut Ridge Apartments in South Fargo, where one person was trapped in a burning apartment unit.

The emergency call was received at 6:04 PM, reporting a fire at the apartment complex located at 3161 32nd St South. Firefighters responded promptly to the scene, engaging in extensive efforts to control the blaze and ensure the safety of the residents.

While many occupants of the building managed to evacuate safely, fire crews encountered a critical situation with one person unable to escape from a first-floor apartment. Demonstrating quick action and bravery, the firefighters managed to rescue the individual from the engulfed unit just 14 minutes after the fire was reported.

The fire, fortunately, was contained to a single apartment, preventing further spread and potential damage to the rest of the building. Fire crews worked diligently on the scene for several hours, focusing on ventilating the building. The operation concluded at around 9:30 PM.

As of now, the condition of the rescued individual has not been disclosed.

Once mroe details become available, we will update this article.

Judith Jackson

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