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North Fargo townhomes project will meet deadline set by city officials despite obstacles

Fargo, North Dakota – Developer Jim Roers recently confirmed the successful progression of his ambitious townhouse project in northern Fargo, which, despite a somewhat tumultuous beginning, is projected to reach completion by the designated deadline of May 31, imposed by city officials. Roers Construction, Roers’ company, could have been subject to penalties if the set deadline was not met.

Initially, Roers faced significant criticism for failing to meet the initially stipulated deadline, the end of 2021. Certain city commission members were vocal in their disapproval. However, Roers defended this delay, attributing it to an unforeseen escalation in costs and pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions.

Following several months of legal complications, the city officials and Roers found common ground, agreeing to have the townhomes finalized by May 31.

Roers has revealed that the city’s staff and engineering teams have already conducted preliminary walk-throughs of the townhomes, and that minor touch-ups and appliance installations are currently underway ahead of the final inspection slated for the coming week.

With regard to the marketability of these townhomes, Roers mentioned that they are being offered in the $300,000 price range. Prospective buyers have already begun touring these properties. He also noted a contingency plan is in place, should the properties not be sold – they will be made available for rental.

The strategic placement of these townhomes serves as a transition zone between the local neighborhood and a newly established development. This new project includes the St. Paul’s Newman Center, faith-based housing, and apartment complexes, in close proximity to the NDSU campus.

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