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North Dakota Highway Patrol reported major traffic disruption in Fargo

Fargo, North Dakota – A significant traffic disruption near the tri-level in Fargo was reported Friday afternoon, causing delays for many. The cause of the delay was a semi that found itself in a challenging situation on a ramp. This incident didn’t just cause a minor inconvenience; it led to a complete blockage of a crucial route.

According to North Dakota Highway Patrol Capt. Bryan Niewind, the situation unfolded when a semi, which was hauling part of a windmill, veered off the road. The vehicle was transitioning from northbound I-29 to westbound I-94 when it slid off the ramp. This mishap resulted in the ramp being completely blocked, causing considerable traffic delays.

Capt. Niewind provided further insights into the incident, explaining, “the ground is soft and the semi was stuck.” The conditions of the ground played a significant role in the semi’s predicament, complicating the efforts to get it moving again.

In response to this traffic obstruction, the North Dakota Highway Patrol took swift action. Troopers were deployed at the entrance of the ramp, with the primary aim of diverting traffic. This measure was necessary to manage the flow of vehicles and minimize the impact on the area’s traffic until the semi could be towed away.

The efforts of the highway patrol and the cooperation of the drivers were crucial in handling this unexpected disruption. While the incident caused delays, the proactive measures taken helped in alleviating the situation until the semi was successfully removed from the ramp.

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