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New fire station in South Fargo begins construction

Fargo, North Dakota – The development of a new fire station in southern Fargo is scheduled to commence shortly.

Mayor Tim Mahoney, Fire Liaison Commissioner Denise Kolpack, Fire Chief Steve Dirksen, and other notable figures participated in a ceremony held at the location of the future station, situated on a 3.5-acre plot at 6617 33rd Street S.

The new facility, designated as Fire Station 8, is tasked with providing service to the region situated south of Rose Creek Coulee, stretching from the Red River to 42nd Street.

Over the previous five years, this region has generated close to 1,900 service requests. However, Chief Dirksen expressed concern over the existing response time, which stands at 10 minutes and 46 seconds, 90 percent of the time. “That’s not acceptable by our standards,” Dirksen noted. He emphasized that the department aims to respond to emergencies across all planning zones within six minutes and 20 seconds or less, 90 percent of the time, a goal that the new fire station will significantly aid in achieving.

Mayor Mahoney underscored the importance of public safety, stating that it lies at the heart of the city’s commitment to its residents. In addition to enhancing response times and safety, he pointed out that the new station would play a pivotal role in the city’s expansion.

Mahoney elaborated, “Investing in infrastructure can and does stimulate economic growth and development by creating jobs, improving property values in the surrounding area, and increasing development in the south side of Fargo. This will truly help us grow our community.”

While the completion of the new station depends on factors such as construction supply and weather conditions, the goal is to inaugurate the facility in the second quarter of 2024.

The construction of the new station is funded by an $8.1 million bond, which the City Commission approved last year.

At present, the area is served by Station 2, situated at the intersection of 30th Avenue and 25th Street South. Chief Dirksen highlighted that the new Fire Station 8, which will be located only a mile and a half from Davies High School, will significantly reduce the drive time to just three to four minutes.

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