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Medical issue leads to a series of garage collisions in Fargo

Fargo, North Dakota – The North Dakota Highway Patrol is investigating an incident that took place on Sunday in Fargo, where a pick-up truck unexpectedly careened through three separate garages within an apartment complex. The sequence of events was reportedly initiated when the driver of the truck encountered a medical issue while parking his vehicle at 4760 Timberline Drive.

The truck, which remained in gear as the accelerator continued to be engaged, subsequently shattered the rear wall of the driver’s own garage. The vehicle then advanced into a neighboring garage, grazing a parked vehicle within as it traversed the space.

Following its passage through the second garage, the truck proceeded to cross the parking lot, colliding with the door of a third garage. There, it struck another stationary vehicle before it ultimately came to a halt.

The 42-year-old male driver, a resident of Fargo, escaped the series of collisions unscathed. However, substantial damage was incurred by the three garages impacted by the incident. While the investigation by the North Dakota Highway Patrol continues, it is currently anticipated that no charges will be pressed in connection to the occurrence.

Judith Jackson

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