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MATBUS Transit adapts hours of operation in response to staffing challenges

Fargo, North Dakota – In response to driver shortages, MATBUS Transit in Fargo will be adjusting its hours of operation starting January 13th. While weekday operations will remain unaffected, there are significant changes planned for weekend services.

On Saturdays, MATBUS fixed routes and paratransit services will conclude earlier, with services ending at 8:15 PM instead of the previous 10:15 PM. This adjustment aims to address the staffing challenges faced by the transit system.

Additionally, some specific routes will experience changes in their Saturday services. The routes affected by this schedule modification include the 6, 9, and 16 routes, which will no longer offer Saturday service.

These changes are a necessary response to the ongoing driver shortages, ensuring that MATBUS Transit can continue to provide reliable transportation services on weekdays while making slight adjustments to weekend operations. Passengers are advised to check the updated schedules to plan their trips accordingly.

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