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Man sentenced to federal prison for unauthorized immigrant transportation

Fargo, North Dakota – Rodolfo Arzola-Carrillo, a Mexican national living in Tifton, Georgia, admitted to a conspiracy to transport unauthorized immigrants in Fargo’s Federal Court on Thursday.

The court imposed a sentence of 18 months in federal prison, followed by one year of supervised release and a special assessment of $100.

Through an extensive investigation, it was uncovered that Arzola-Carrillo had orchestrated and partly executed a plan to smuggle a group of seven unauthorized noncitizens from Mexico, which included two minors. They were to be transported across the U.S.-Canada border into North Dakota and subsequently down to Georgia in November 2022.

However, the operation encountered significant challenges when weather conditions worsened, thereby endangering the lives of those involved. The severity of the cold, combined with snow and wind, forced the group to seek help from the Pembina County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office responded by assisting all nine individuals and notifying the U.S. Border Patrol.

Reflecting on the incident, United States Attorney Mac Schneider said, “As this case and others have shown, attempting to smuggle human beings across the northern border is not just illegal and exploitative, it is also a threat to human life.” He emphasized that the U.S. Attorney’s office would continue to work closely with the U.S. Border Patrol, along with other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to ensure those engaging in smuggling are held responsible. Schneider emphasized the importance of maintaining the rule of law and ensuring the safety of all individuals.

Additionally, the case involves a co-defendant, Ernesto Falcon Jr., whose change-of-plea and sentence hearing is scheduled for August 21, 2023.


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