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Local businesses shined at the Spring Vintage Market

Fargo, North Dakota – The Spring Vintage Market at Wild Terra Cider provided a platform for local businesses to showcase their products.

Visitors at the event had an array of options to choose from, encompassing vintage items, apparel, and a selection of food trucks offering an array of culinary delights.

The occasion saw over thirty local establishments participating, demonstrating their resilience in the face of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the surge of inflation.

Moments such as these carry paramount significance for these businesses, enabling them to persist in their passion and pursuits.

“I love going to these little community events and just chatting and having a good time with everyone, just hanging out. that is the importance of connecting with the local community, we are what make each other strong, what would be the point of an art museum if we are not allowed to talk to our community, you know,” said Chelsea Steffes, the Public Programs and Outreach Coordinator at the Plains Art Museum.

Those who were unable to attend this event will have another opportunity at the upcoming Minneapolis Vintage Market scheduled for June 4th.

Jimmy Hathaway

Having spent my formative years in the beloved city of Grand Forks, I eventually relocated to Fargo during my second decade of life. The passion for journalism runs deep within my bloodline, as numerous close relatives have been, and some continue to be, engaged in the field as reporters and journalists. Outside of my professional pursuits, I cherish the moments spent in the company of my family.

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