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Local animal shelters facing an overcrowding crisis

Fargo, North Dakota – Animal shelters nationwide continue to grapple with chronic overcrowding, an issue of such severity that it has led to the death of dogs unable to be accommodated due to insufficient resources and space.

The situation is no different for our local animal shelters and pounds, which are making earnest appeals for assistance. Erin Buzick, Foster Coordinator of 4LuvOfDog, shares, “Our intake coordinators are very hard at work and answering every single inquiry we get but unfortunately we have to turn down more people than we can help right now.”

Consider Marnie, a seven-month-old puppy discovered in a dumpster, battered and wounded, with a broken femur and a leg requiring amputation. Despite her ordeal, Marnie’s resilience encapsulates the essence of second chances, strength, and determination.

While Marnie’s past cannot be rewritten, the community of Fargo can improve conditions for other dogs like her. Heather Clyde, Operations Director of Homeward Animal Shelter, provides insight into Marnie’s journey, “She came to us with a splint on and yesterday she got surgery to have a pin put in place because obviously we don’t want her to go from three legs to two legs. That’s gonna be a little bit hard for her to get around.”

Owing to the crippling extent of overcrowding, local shelters and pounds are left with no choice but to refuse admission to orphaned and adoptable animals. The facilities are so congested that they are unable to provide adequate housing or deliver the necessary medical care.

Clyde further explains, “There are more dogs coming in than are being adopted so each and every week is a struggle to make sure we have enough space whether that’s physically here in the shelter or with foster homes and it feels like a never-ending battle.”

As a response to this pressing issue, the shelters are seeking potential foster homes and waiving dog adoption fees in an attempt to alleviate the pressure. For more details on how you can contribute or donate, you may visit the websites of 4LuvOfDog and Homeward Animal Shelter.

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