How some companies help community with celebrating Christmas

As Christmas cheer fills the air, businesses across the country are getting into the giving mood and doing more to help their communities during the holidays. In addition to holiday sales and flashing lights, these companies are actually making a difference by holding events, giving a lot of money to charities, and encouraging their employees to help.

I came across an article published on Rockwall News and learned that North Texas based company decided to run a giveaway by the end of this month. Not only for the Rockwall community, but this giveaway is accessible for people all around America. The company behind is Rockwall Christmas Company. One lucky winner will get Christmas Crate valued at just under $400. So, it got me thinking: how are companies supporting those in need to have help them celebrate Christmas?

Community events have become a popular way for businesses to bring people together and spread happiness. From meeting Santa to lighting the trees, these events are more than just fun times. They keep local companies going during the slow winter months by bringing people in and getting people involved in their communities. Free or low-cost concerts and other events make sure that everyone can take part, which is very important during a season that is meant for everyone.

Companies have opened their wallets to help those less fortunate through charitable donations, which is another important effort. These business donors are an important part of community support networks because they give things like food and clothes to local charities. Their donations help a lot of local programs, like food banks and shelters, so everyone can have a better, happier holiday season.

Volunteering in particular says a lot about how committed a company is to the community. Several companies have made volunteer days a regular thing for their employees, who then help out at soup kitchens, shelters, and other groups in their communities. This hands-on method lets employees get to know their communities better, which strengthens social bonds and makes the spirit of giving more personal.

This trend is emphasized by certain corporate efforts. For example, in 2022, Target’s yearly partnership with Toys for Tots raised more than $20 million, which helped collect over 41 million toys. Walmart, which is known for doing a lot of good in the world, gave an amazing $100 million to the Feeding America network to help feed people who are hungry during the holidays.

Customers could help charities of their choice by shopping on Amazon’s “Smile” campaign. This was a one-of-a-kind combination of business and charity. The 2022 campaign earned more than $225 million and is an example of a partnership between consumers, businesses, and charities. Starbucks isn’t just a great place to get holiday drinks; they gave 5 cents from every cup of holiday coffee to help underserved areas get jobs, which raised over $10 million.

Even the huge entertainment company Disney added its own special magic to the season by holding Christmas events around the world and giving large amounts of money to local charities, including a $1 million donation in Orlando, Florida.

These cases show how corporations can and should be involved in the community in a bigger way. Their holiday efforts aren’t just a show of kindness; they’re a lesson of how much good can happen when resources and reach are used wisely. As the holiday season continues, these projects set an example that, hopefully, will lead to a trend where community service is as much a part of a company’s character as making money.

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