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Holiday schedule changes for F-M metro recycling and garbage collection

Fargo, North Dakota – Cities within the F-M metro area are adjusting their recycling and garbage collection schedules to accommodate the holiday period.

Moorhead is making notable changes to its usual routine. The city has rescheduled its Friday collection to today, providing residents with an opportunity to have their recycling and garbage picked up before the holiday rush. Additionally, in observance of Christmas, Moorhead will be closed on Monday. To ensure all residents are serviced, the Monday routes will be collected on the following day, Tuesday.

Similarly, Fargo and West Fargo are also altering their schedules for the upcoming holiday. Both cities have announced that garbage routes typically collected on Monday will now be picked up on Tuesday.

These changes are part of the cities’ efforts to ensure that the holiday season runs smoothly for all residents while also respecting the observance of Christmas. Residents are advised to adjust their waste disposal plans accordingly to align with the revised schedules. These temporary adjustments are aimed at providing efficient services while accommodating the festive celebrations.

Judith Jackson

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