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First ever Fargo True Crime Expo held this weekend

Fargo, North Dakota – True crime enthusiasts gathered in Fargo for the first Fargo True Crime Expo, marking a significant addition to the genre’s community events. Held at the Fargo Ramada near 13th Avenue South, the expo has been a product of six months of meticulous planning and opened its doors to an eager audience this morning. Throughout the afternoon, the event welcomed an estimated 500 to 600 visitors, showcasing the strong interest in true crime within the region.

Tony Tilton, the event chairman, shared insights into the expo’s origins, noting its national influence and the rich tapestry of local cases that spurred the decision to host Fargo’s own true crime convention. “It started on a national level a couple of years ago, and we decided to do our own local one here, because we have such a local concentration of interesting cases, as well as people having an interest in it,” Tilton explained.

The expo offered an impressive lineup of panelists, including true crime podcast hosts, FBI and Homeland Security representatives, who are discussing a variety of topics. These range from self-protection measures to deep dives into significant local cases and the impacts on victims. Additionally, the event provides a platform for local artists and charities through vendor booths, further supporting the community.

With the success of the first day, Tilton is optimistic about the expo’s future, already planning for a second edition in early February 2025.

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