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Fire departments swiftly respond to West Fargo structure fire

West Fargo, North Dakota – In a response to an structure fire on the periphery of West Fargo, multiple fire departments mobilized their resources promptly.

The alert of the aforementioned incident was received in the early hours of Thursday, July 20, precisely at 1:30 a.m. The conflagration had taken hold of a building situated in the 3900 block of 9th Ave. W., a location to the west of the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in the rural part of the area.

Upon the distress signal, fire control units from West Fargo, Mapleton, and Harwood were immediately dispatched to the beleaguered location. The first reports from a Cass County Deputy, who was amongst the initial respondents, revealed a rather severe situation. On his arrival, flames were visible, fiercely emanating from the building’s rooftop.

By 5 a.m., the situation had largely been contained, as evidenced by most of the fire departments wrapping up their operations and vacating the location. However, to ensure thorough inspection and guarantee complete safety, one fire engine was retained at the scene while investigators took over to meticulously scrutinize the aftermath of the unfortunate incident. This evaluation was critical in both assessing the cause of the fire and determining any potential damage or residual risks.


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