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Fargo’s New Life Center offers shelter and hope amid rising homelessness

Fargo, North Dakota – As the arrival of spring brings joy to many in anticipation of warmer days, it’s important to acknowledge that for some individuals, the changing seasons do not necessarily alleviate the hardships they face, particularly in relation to food insecurity and homelessness.

The New Life Center in Fargo, under the guidance of Executive Director Rob Swiers, has been steadfast in its mission to provide shelter and support to those who have encountered adversity. However, as the recent winter thawed and spring emerged, Swiers observed a concerning trend during this seasonal transition.

“In the past, as soon as the weather improved, we would see a decline in our numbers. However, this year has been different. In fact, our numbers in April were higher than they were throughout the entire winter,” Swiers revealed.

Presently, the New Life Center accommodates approximately 160 individuals each night. While offering assistance in securing employment, finding stable housing, and providing crucial medical and mental health services, the organization strives to challenge the prevailing stigma associated with homelessness. Swiers emphasized the importance of dispelling the common misconception that homeless individuals are inherently worthless or morally lacking.

“Often, there is a misguided belief within the community that individuals experiencing homelessness are lazy or consumed by addiction,” Swiers acknowledged. “In reality, all of us yearn to be treated as human beings, yet sadly, those living on the streets are frequently dehumanized.”

As the United States grapples with the persistent issue of homelessness, Swiers highlights a significant realization gained from his extensive experience in this field—that our commonalities far outweigh our differences.

“We are more similar than we might realize. In many instances, these individuals simply require a compassionate ear to listen to their stories, just as we all do,” Swiers emphasized.

With unwavering dedication, the New Life Center continues to provide a haven for those in need, promoting empathy, understanding, and the recognition of shared humanity as vital steps towards addressing the complex issue of homelessness.

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