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Fargo’s Human Rights Commission invites public to fill board vacancy

Fargo, North Dakota – The City of Fargo’s Human Rights Commission has announced an open position on its board and is inviting interested members of the public to apply.

The commission convenes on the third Thursday of every month at noon and requires a monthly time commitment averaging between one and five hours. According to city officials, the board member responsibilities are classified under the following key areas:

  1. Offering guidance in matters of public service.
  2. Fostering awareness and education in the pursuit of civil rights.
  3. Identifying key civil rights concerns within the community and suggesting priorities and goals to the city commissioners’ board.
  4. Encouraging adherence to federal and state civil rights laws, including Chapter 14-02.4 of the North Dakota Century Code, through educational initiatives, conciliation, and mediation.

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney said, “We are actively seeking applicants with backgrounds and experiences to effectively represent the people of Fargo. Please consider serving your city.”

Interested community members can apply for the position by clicking here.

Judith Jackson

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