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Fargo Police Department considers new headquarters plans

Fargo, North Dakota – The Fargo Police Department (FPD) is exploring the possibility of establishing a new headquarters to better serve the growing city. This development comes only a few years after the department moved into its current location. During a recent City Commission meeting, FPD officials presented two distinct proposals outlining their vision for the future facility.

The first proposal involves constructing a new police department campus. This ambitious plan includes a comprehensive headquarters, training facilities, and a consolidated evidence storage area. Additionally, it envisages the establishment of three substations strategically positioned around Fargo to enhance response times and city coverage.

Alternatively, the second proposal focuses on renovating the current headquarters situated along 25th Street and 1st Avenue North. The idea is to transform this building into either a new police substation or another city building. In parallel, this plan also calls for the construction of a separate new headquarters and training facility, along with three new substations.

Both proposals aim to address issues related to the department’s response time, which has become a concern as Fargo expands to the north and south. These strategic developments are part of the FPD’s facility master plan, reflecting their commitment to adapting to the city’s evolving needs.

Should either of these plans receive approval, the Fargo Police Department anticipates a 5-7 year timeline to complete the construction and move into the new facilities. This timeframe allows for careful planning and execution to ensure that the new headquarters and additional facilities meet the growing demands of the city and enhance the efficiency of the police force. The decision on which plan to adopt will significantly influence the future operations and capabilities of the FPD.

Jimmy Hathaway

Having spent my formative years in the beloved city of Grand Forks, I eventually relocated to Fargo during my second decade of life. The passion for journalism runs deep within my bloodline, as numerous close relatives have been, and some continue to be, engaged in the field as reporters and journalists. Outside of my professional pursuits, I cherish the moments spent in the company of my family.

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