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Fargo police advise citizens to lock doors and hide valuables in vehicles to prevent break-ins

Fargo, North Dakota – The Fargo Police Department is urging residents to make sure they are not leaving any valuables in plain sight in their vehicles to avoid becoming victims of car break-ins.

Officer Danica Musich of Fargo Police Department advises, “We always recommend you lock your doors. Even when it’s summer and it’s nice out and you’re just running into the gas station, lock your doors. If you absolutely have to leave something of value in your car, we recommend hiding it. Don’t leave it out in plain sight. That’s just an invitation for someone to take it.”

Local resident Emily Olson shares her recent unfortunate experience of car theft, which occurred in her own driveway. She reports that despite no noticeable damage to her vehicle, her driver’s license, credit, and debit cards—previously concealed in the car’s center console—were all stolen.

Despite the loss of personal and financially significant items, Olson finds solace in the safety of her family, stating, “I would just hate for this to happen to anyone. You don’t think it’s going to happen to you and then it does. Basically, a lesson learned for me. Money is going to come and go. Credit cards, I can get new ones and dispute the fraud charges but I’m just thankful nothing actually happened to myself, my husband, and my kids.”

The unauthorized transactions from her stolen cards amounted to thousands of dollars. Additionally, the police warned Olson about potential challenges in identifying herself in the future due to the loss of her driver’s license.

In response to this traumatic incident, Olson, who only moved to her current neighborhood in November, now plans to install security cameras, along with some of her neighbors.

“It can happen to you. You just feel violated. Everything was in there. My driver’s license, I had kids’ pictures that were also in the car. Like, they know me, now. They know my life. They know where I live. They know everything about me. So, I guess just be safe and be cautious,” Olson warns.

Fargo Police advises residents to make use of their garages, if available, and to take any valuable belongings from their cars into their homes.

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