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Fargo Fire Station No. 2 plans addition with fitness and gear rooms

Fargo, North Dakota – In an attempt to enhance the health of its staff, Fargo Fire Station No. 2, situated on 25th Street S., is expanding its facilities. This addition will be located on the northern side of the establishment.

The expanded area will be strategically divided, with two-thirds designated as a fitness room, while the remaining space is earmarked for gear storage. This new layout addresses a previously unnoticed health risk; by sharing a space with the fire truck, the fitness equipment has been absorbing hazardous chemicals from exhaust fumes, which are then inadvertently transferred to firefighters during their workouts.

This realization prompted the move of the fitness equipment into the new, isolated space, ensuring firefighters are not exposed to these harmful chemicals. Firefighter gear, too, poses a potential hazard. Despite undergoing a wash in an extractor following field operations, the gear continues to emit gas derived from the chemicals they were exposed to during duty.

Previously, both the fitness equipment and gear shared a space with the fire trucks. This arrangement is being revamped with the addition.

The central motive behind this expansion is prioritizing firefighter health and safety. “As there’s more research done on cancer, health, firefighter health and safety just in general, we know that gear offgasses after it’s hanging… even after it’s washed, that gear continues to offgas,” stated Binfet.

To combat this, Binfet revealed that the room designated for gear storage will be equipped with ventilation, facilitating the offgassing process away from the station.

The anticipated cost of the addition stands at approximately $330,000, and it is projected to be completed by July.

Jimmy Hathaway

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