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Fargo City Commission issues deadline for removal of dangerous building

Fargo, North Dakota – The City Commission of Fargo has designated a certain edifice as hazardous, providing the proprietor with a deadline of September 8th to ensure its removal.

According to Shawn Ouradnik, the Director of City Inspections, the freestanding garage in question – likely constructed in the late 1940s and located at 421 15th Avenue North – suffered substantial fire damage in November of 2019. As a result, it meets most of the city’s requisite conditions to be deemed a dangerous structure.

Dawn Novotny, the property owner, has been involved in a series of miscommunications with the city regarding the demolition and subsequent reconstruction of the garage, planned to be carried out by her fiancé. Appealing to the City Commission for additional time, she argued that her limited financial and social resources mean that she must personally contribute to the project’s completion, which would necessitate time off from her regular commitments. Despite these challenges, Novotny committed to striving to meet the imposed deadline and to secure a permit for the project.

Once the demolition of the garage has been concluded, Ouradnik confirmed that Novotny will need to obtain a new permit to move forward.


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