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Fargo Cass Public Health launches digital mental health platform with CredibleMind

Fargo, North Dakota – During this critical period of increasing mental health issues, identified by health experts as a crisis, additional cost-free and confidential support is becoming available to individuals within our locality.

Fargo Cass Public Health is initiating a collaboration with CredibleMind, a digital resource that offers round-the-clock access to a variety of mental health materials, including videos, podcasts, books, articles, applications, and assessments.

Healthcare professionals highlight that a significant portion of individuals struggling with mental distress choose to confront their issues independently. CredibleMind allows these individuals to explore and apply research-backed self-care information autonomously. The digital nature of this platform ensures unrestricted accessibility, bypassing the typical hindrances of cost, location, stigma, and transportation.

Desi Fleming, the Director of Fargo Cass Public Health, provides her perspective: “The core of public health is prevention. Through CredibleMind, we can provide education and access to mental health resources, which promotes early intervention and helps prevent serious mental health concerns.”

CredibleMind equips users with over a dozen scientifically validated assessments to better comprehend their personal mental health status. In addition, the platform offers tools designed to enhance the mental and emotional resilience of its users in their professional and personal lives, fostering improved interaction with family, friends, and their broader community.

The main features of CredibleMind include:

  • Flexibility to cater to diverse learning styles with over 16,000 resources at disposal
  • Coverage of over 200 topics related to mental wellbeing, incorporating evidence-based methodologies
  • An online platform that operates around the clock without any financial burden to the user
  • The dedicated CredibleMind page for Fargo Cass Public Health can be accessed via this link: https://fcph.crediblemind.com/

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