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Fargo and Bismarck in top 20 of WalletHub’s ‘best places to raise a family’

Fargo, North Dakota – A recent data survey conducted by WalletHub, a website known for its comprehensive personal financial information, revealed that Bismarck and Fargo, in terms of affordability, are considered among the prime destinations for raising a family.

The WalletHub 2023 report, titled “Best and Worst Places To Raise A Family,” included over 180 communities, placing Bismarck and Fargo at #15 and #16, respectively.

In the comparison of all the cities, 45 critical metrics were taken into account, including aspects like housing affordability, the quality of school systems, and the unemployment rate.

Breaking down Bismarck’s performance across different categories in the evaluation of 182 locations reveals the following rankings:

  • Affordability was highly ranked, placing Bismarck at #5.
  • Socio-economics received a favorable ranking of #13.
  • In terms of Health and Safety, Bismarck secured the #58 spot.
  • The Education and Child Care category saw Bismarck fall slightly further down the list at #71.
  • Family Fun was a category in which Bismarck found itself positioned at #116.

The complete survey details, along with the methodology employed to gather and analyze the data, can be accessed via the provided link.

Judith Jackson

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