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Cass County Sheriff unveils pre-ambush activities of Fargo shooter

Fargo, North Dakota – Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner has shed light on events that took place before the ambush shooting in Fargo last July, an incident that resulted in the tragic death of a police officer and injuries to two other officers and a civilian. The shooter, identified as Mohamad Barakat, had a significant encounter at the Cass County Wildlife Shooting Range near Casselton, several months prior to the shooting.

Sheriff Jahner detailed an incident on May 4, where a deputy was called to the shooting range due to reports of sounds akin to cannon fire. On arrival, the deputy found three individuals, including Barakat. It was then discovered that Barakat was using Tannerite, an explosive compound. Notably, Tannerite is legal to obtain. This same compound, along with several guns, ammunition, and gasoline, was found in Barakat’s car after the shooting in July.

During this May encounter, Barakat showed cooperation with the deputy and complied with a shooting range board member’s request not to return to the range. This incident came to light through federal search warrant documents that were recently made public.

This new information adds a significant dimension to the timeline and understanding of the events leading up to the Fargo police ambush. It underscores concerns about the monitoring and regulation of individuals who use explosive compounds and firearms, especially those displaying potentially alarming behavior. The Cass County Sheriff’s Department, along with federal investigators, is delving deeper into the case, scrutinizing Barakat’s actions and interactions in the months leading up to the ambush. This ongoing investigation aims to construct a comprehensive picture of the circumstances that culminated in the tragic event and to evaluate the measures in place for preventing such incidents.

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