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Bus driver shortage continues to affect West Fargo Public Schools

West Fargo, North Dakota – The community of West Fargo faces an ongoing issue as the academic year draws to a close. The persistent scarcity of bus drivers continues, forcing further reductions in bus routes.

Since the last week of January, West Fargo Public Schools have had no choice but to cease the operation of several bus routes on a weekly basis. It was during this period that the district announced a schedule, providing details of the affected routes and the specific timings.

Officials of the educational institution ensure that families receive pertinent information regarding these changes by 5 p.m. every Wednesday. To date, they have temporarily suspended 33 distinct routes, each for a week’s duration.

The current week sees interruptions in services for several schools, including Legacy Elementary, Heritage Middle, Horace High, Deer Creek Elementary, Sheyenne High, and Liberty Middle School.

In an effort to address the issue, the district intends to request additional funding, with a goal of attracting more drivers for the upcoming academic year.

Currently, the starting hourly wage for a novice bus driver stands at $16.22, with the potential to increase to $21.28 depending on experience and years of service. School administrators have announced plans to raise the compensation rate for the forthcoming school year, although the exact figure remains undetermined.

Judith Jackson

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