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Broadway Square witnesses Fargo Police’s successful annual community picnic

Fargo, North Dakota – The Fargo Police Department offered the local community an insightful peek into law enforcement life during its annual picnic held at Broadway Square. This engaging event saw law enforcement officers and city officials converging with local families to foster a sense of community and understanding.

With plenty of activities on offer, children had the opportunity to try on police uniforms, explore a fire truck and play in bouncy houses. They even had the chance to enter a raffle with the exciting possibility of winning a Fargo Police squad car.

Free treats generously provided by Old Dutch Foods and Cass-Clay Creamery were enjoyed by the hundreds of attendees. The event served as a platform for not only entertainment and interaction but also as an educational experience, allowing children and adults alike to familiarize themselves with the equipment and protocols of the police force.

Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski expressed his excitement about the event, stating, “We’re just excited about this event. I had urged people to come out, check it out, meet some cops, and have some of the free goodies. Try and win the squad car and just enjoy themselves. It’s a nice night downtown.” He emphasized that it was an excellent opportunity for individuals to “tour some of the equipment” and for children to try on gear such as vests or helmets.

The community picnic also welcomed first responders from other emergency services, such as the fire department and medical services. This created an environment conducive to building a positive community culture, encouraging community engagement and the strengthening of relationships.

Chief Zibolski stressed the importance of such events, sharing that, “We don’t always get all of those opportunities to interact with people in a non-enforcement type of environment…but this is a really nice event where the only things that are happening out here is community engagement and building relationships.”

Marking its debut at Broadway Square, the annual community picnic was deemed a success, drawing in a large crowd from the Fargo-Moorhead area. The turnout and positive response underscored the significance of these engagements in bringing together the community and their public servants in a more informal, humanizing manner.

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