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Bell Bank’s Bell Tower undergoes major renovation for spring 2024 opening

Fargo, North Dakota – The city is abuzz with anticipation as the Bell Tower, a notable landmark off Main Ave, undergoes a significant renovation by Bell Bank. Local construction teams are in charge of this ambitious project, which aims to redefine the workplace and customer experience.

Revitalizing a 50-Year-Old Landmark

Bell Bank has undertaken the task of remodeling the Bell Tower, a structure that has stood for 50 years and was in dire need of a major facelift. The COO of Bell Bank, Laine Brantner, expressed enthusiasm about the transformation: “[It’s] really nice to see it take shape and it will be a great corporate headquarters for us,” he said. The renovated tower is not just about aesthetics but also functionality, as it will house nearly 550 employees across this building and another across the street.

For Olaf Anderson, the construction company working on this project, it’s the largest undertaking they’ve encountered. CEO Jeff Frustenau spoke highly of the North Dakota work ethic, which has been pivotal in progressing the project.

Adapting to Post-Pandemic Trends and Enhancing Work Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a shift towards remote working, but as trends change, more people are returning to office spaces. Bell Bank recognizes this shift and is incorporating features to enhance the work environment for their employees. The renovation includes the addition of wellness rooms for mothers, an exercise area, and a skywalk to the parking garage.

Brantner emphasized the focus on both employee and customer experiences. “We thought it was very important as we built this out to think about the customer experience and the employee experience,” he explained. Changes like relocating the branch, installing floor-to-ceiling windows, and other subtle modifications are part of this vision.

Looking Forward to Spring 2024

The Bell Tower’s renovation is an ambitious project that promises to rejuvenate a key corporate and community landmark. Bell Bank plans to open the tower in spring 2024, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to enhancing the workplace and customer service experience. This project not only symbolizes corporate growth but also represents a significant investment in the local workforce and community.

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