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Search underway for missing woman last seen last week in South Fargo

Fargo, North Dakota – Authorities in Fargo are intensifying their efforts to locate a woman who was last seen on December 13th in South Fargo. Fargo Police are seeking the public’s assistance in finding 37-year-old Ciara Heather Johnson, whose sudden disappearance has raised concerns.

Ciara is described as being 5’1″ tall and weighing 140 lbs. She has blue eyes and brown hair, features that might help in identifying her. The Fargo Police have emphasized the importance of public assistance in this case and are urging anyone with information about Ciara’s whereabouts to come forward.

To facilitate communication with the authorities, individuals with any leads can contact the Red River Regional Dispatch Center directly at 701.451.7660. This line is open for those who might have seen Ciara or have any information that could lead to her whereabouts.

In addition, for those who prefer to remain anonymous, there is an option to submit tips. You can do this by texting the word “FARGOPD” to tip line at 847411. This anonymous tip service allows individuals to share information without revealing their identity, thereby ensuring that they can provide crucial information while maintaining their privacy.

The community’s involvement is crucial in cases like this, and the Fargo Police are counting on public support to help bring Ciara Heather Johnson back safely.

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